Repairs and Restoration

As a fully qualified repairer and restorer, Mark is able to take on the most challenging of work. Whether an instrument has just one crack or has some more serious issues, each repair is done with the greatest of care and respect. Only tried and tested traditional techniques and materials are used to restore the instrument to full playing condition.

Full restoration work is also conducted on instruments where their heritage and conservation is of paramount importance. Owners of such instruments can be assured that all work is planned thoroughly and carried out painstakingly with the best interests of the instrument in mind.

Tonal Adjustments

Many instruments are found lacking in tonal performance. In such cases Mark can make adjustments to the sound post to improve the strength of the treble or bass. Often it is advisable to change the entire string system including the bridge, sound post, tailpiece and up-grade the strings to ones of higher quality. As this is done with the utmost skill the resulting improvement is often quite dramatic.